Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Time Will Tell !!!!!

  Will time tell the story ? Fighting does not work.
It only drives them further away. Although it pains
us to see our children going down the wrong path it's
there path. I've tried every angle to show them the
right direction. Now they need to walk it themselves.
  As difficult as it is we can only show them
the way, not push them there. Pushing works against
us. All this achieves is the children trying to prove a point,
just to show us they can make there own decisions. Even
if they are the wrong ones. The end result is our children
force themselves on someone they know is trouble.
 We are all looking for the right answer. Give us your opinions
on this. Myself and others would love to have different feedback
on your experieces.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Missed Something Along The Way

What is it that we missed along the way? We have tried to protect our children growing up.
Did we try to hard and not give them the freedom they needed to grow ? Is it now they don't
know what to do with it, or are they trying to get back at us for trying to do the right thing?
I hate my daughters boyfriend with a passion. Do we want to much from them ? Can we
over look the bad and find the good qualities in this guy ? I honestly don't know if that is possible.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


   Do you feel helpless watching your children make mistakes ?
As our children grow we start to feel the seperation. They start
making choices some good some bad. We went down the same
road making decissions that our parents did'nt exactly agree with.
  Lets share are experiences with each other. Is your way the right
way or the wrong way ? What works for you that might work
for the rest of us ? What did you do that had bad results that
you can share with us ? In some way or another we all feel a little

Monday, April 5, 2010

When Does It Stop ???

    Just when things are going the way you want them,here we go again.
The boyfriend comes along and puts the wrench into things.
Your daughter used to have a curfew. Well that just went out the window.(Literally)
Your hoping she wakes up to realize she is going down the wrong road.
We just sit back and watch our family get destroyed.
 Suddenly she took an intrest in alcohol.
Think things could'nt get worse they always seem
to get a little harder before they get better.
  Now it's time to start fighting back. Things are going
to start changing around the house.They had it all
but now it's going back to the basics. One thing taken        away at a time. Till realization starts to set in.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Whats The Attraction

 Question of the day .  Why are they attracted to the bad boy ???
I would have to say in my younger days it was a little bit of a rush.
The more trouble the better. Popularity could be playing a big roll.
 Chances are this is not the person thats going to be your son in law.
I could be wrong .  Lets hope for the best thats all we can do.
 In highschool all the kids are looking for there place in life. All
we can do is give them direction. I heard last night you give your
children roots and wings. With the hopes they use those wings to take
them to a beautiful future.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

I see everyone is looking forward to tomorrow.
We still have to try to keep the holiday as nice as we
can. Suck it up for one more day. Seems like we say that
time and time again. Think about the growing up part that
will hopefully happen soon. What your tired of trust me i'm
sure they are too. They're just not ready to give in just yet.
Keep the comments rolling in. That (mothers againsts boyfriends)
I'll look forward to that club. LOL